Acoustic Polyboard

J2 Acoustic Felt Polyboard is a sound absorbing polyester felt panel. Panels can be cut in any shape or size to accommodate design specifications.

Our panels are eco-friendly, as they are made from recycled materials, and contain no formaldehyde, VOCs, glues or binders.

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Acoustic Polyboard

Black - PB27

Dark Gray - PB26

Gray - PB35

Light Gray - PB10

White - PB04

Dark Beige - PB06

Light Beige - PB05

Brown - PB08

Yellow - PB02

Mustard Yellow - PB07

Orange - PB03

Red - PB17

Rose Red - PB18

Pink - PB20

Purple - PB41

Dark Purple - PB19

Deep Blue - PB23

Blue - PB36

Light Blue - PB22

Sky Blue - PB38

Melon - PB42

Yellow Green - PB13

Green - PB15

Dark Green - PB34

Technical Specifications

Made of more than 60% recycled material, our J2 PET 3mm Felt Fabric can also be recycled at the end of its usable life. J2 Felt Fabric is soft, flexible, lightweight, and can be installed on walls, ceilings, or other substrates via minimally-invasive methods.


100% Polyester (>60% recycled material)

Available Colors

24 color options. See Color Chart in Product Data Docs.

Fire Rating

ASTM E84 – Class B (Class A panels available, limited color options)


Standard panels: 4ft x 8ft | 4ft x 10ft


1” (25mm), 2” (50mm), other custom thicknesses available

Acoustic NRC

0.70-1.0 for 1" thick board; 0.31-0.95 for 2" thick board




Fire Rated


High Impact

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