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Whether you're undertaking the design and construction of a brand new school, or renovating and retrofitting an existing facility, J2 Systems can help. J2 PET Felt is a thoughtful addition to various school interior spaces, where it will not only dampen noise and echo, but also bring a colorful and contemporary aesthetic. Our acoustic wall and ceiling systems provide an upscale look at an affordable price that helps you to be a good steward of public funds. 

Possible Applications Include:

Classrooms and Hallways








J2 PET Felt is a tackable surface, perfect for bulletin boards and tackboards inside classrooms, or in hallways and noisy corridors. Dress up these tackable surfaces with colorful felt panels, mosaics, shaped tiles, or inlays with school mascots or initials.

Common Areas









Areas where students gather are intended as a place to make connections, socialize, and learn. Make these spaces comfortable and vibrant with wall coverings or suspended ceiling clouds or baffles.








Bring school spirit into the areas where students both train and compete with panel systems and wall coverings that match school colors, or are inscribed with mascot artwork, school initials, or school slogans and other words of inspiration.

Auditoriums, Band Rooms, and Choir Rooms



Acoustic performance is critical in spaces designed to help students develop and refine their musical and performance talents. With J2 PET Felt (and J2 Fabric-Wrapped Panels), color and design can inspire while also contributing to a functional and comfortable acoustic environment.

Check out the gallery below for more ideas and applications!

J2 Felt Wall Panel Inlay.jpg
J2 PET Felt Band Room.jpg


Technical Specifications

Made of more than 70% recycled material, our PET (polyester) panels can also be recycled at the end of their usable life. Available in 28 colors, the panels are tackable, durable, and lightweight, and can be installed on walls or ceilings via minimally-invasive methods. 


100% PET Felt 

Available Colors

28 available colors. See color chart below.

Sound Absorption (NRC)

Up to 0.85 (varies with product thickness and air gap)

Fire Rating

ASTM E84 Class B

EN13501 Class B

Fire Rated
High Impact

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