Slat Linear System

J2 Slat Linear Acoustic System is an acoustic ceiling and wall system that requires no compromise between design and performance. The Slat Linear Ceiling System provides a unique, eye-catching texture wherever it is applied. Add visual interest by varying colors, or even creating gradients.

Our ceiling systems are eco-friendly, as they are made from 70% post-consumer material.

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9mm and 12mm PET Colors

Black 27

Dark Gray 28

Sesame Gray 26

Gray 25

Medium Gray 12

Light Gray 11

Dark Marble 35

Marble Gray 10

White 04

Light Camel 05

Dark Camel 06

Yellow 02

Orange 03

Red 17

Wine 18

Violet 19

Midnight Blue 16

Deep Blue 23

Deep Sky Blue 33

Sky Blue 22

Blue 36

Lake Blue 37

Light Blue 21

Aqua 38

Apple Green 13

Bright Green 14

Turquoise 39

Deep Green 34

Technical Specifications

Made of more than 70% recycled material, our J2 PET (polyester) ceiling systems can also be recycled at the end of their usable life. Our ceiling systems are durable, lightweight, and can be installed via minimally-invasive methods.


100% PET Felt Panels. Aluminum Carrier.

Sound Absorption (NRC)

Up to 0.85, depending on mounting method

Available Colors

28 color options. See color chart in Product Data Docs.

Fire Rating

ASTM E84 Class B (Class A panels available on request)


Standard Sizes: 47" x 95" x 2.5", 95" x 95" x 2.5", Custom sizes available.




Fire Rated


High Impact

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