About Us

At J2 Systems, we know that creating thoughtful and inviting interior spaces requires a holistic approach to design that includes acoustic performance.

We specialize in beautifully-designed, unique, vibrant acoustic solutions that feel right at home in workplaces, schools, hotels, restaurants, religious facilities and a variety of other commercial and civic interior spaces.

Our commitment to you:

  • Great customer service
  • Short lead times
  • Excellent value

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your typical lead times?

Our lead times vary by panel type, quantity, material, and stock. Typical lead times range between 4-7 weeks, however certain jobs can be turned around much quicker. Make sure to ask a rep when you call.

Can you ship to my location?

Yes, we can work with you regardless of your location. We ship to all 50 US states, and we can ship internationally.

Do you install?

We are a manufacturer and supplier, not an installer. If you need help finding an installer in your area, we can help.

If you wish to install your panel systems on your own, we provide installation guides.

Do you offer soundproofing?

Our panels and panel systems are designed primarly to reduce noise transfer, echo, and reverberation between and within spaces. Full soundproofing is a complex process that requires consideration of many variables.

If you are trying to soundproof a room, we suggest you speak with an acoustical engineer. Many of our products can be used for soundproofing, but the correct quantity, placement and application method needs to be considered.

Can you create a custom design for me?

When manufacturing custom wall and ceiling systems, our typical process is for the customer to provide the design, cut files, and other specifications. However, for a fee we also offer custom design services.